7 January 2022—Stockholm, Sweden

Here are short stories and observations. That they are ‘peculiar’ means they are mine—they reflect how I imagine things and see the world.

I have written things since age 15, seventy years ago. Had I focused on a writing career instead of an education leading toward the management of hospitals and medical groups, I might well have had a significant body of work to look back upon. 

I began to write poems in the early 1990s stimulated, initially, by an unconsummated love, and thereafter by a fortuitous relocation to a place near county parks and nature preserves in Santa Clara County, California. I self-published some of these poems.

Feeling that I had been mostly trained rather than having been educated in college and university, I undertook, upon retirement from employment and a few years of subsequent management consulting, to educate myself through reading, and commenting upon this reading, in my first weblog The Pavellas Perspective. My underlying motive in writing for this weblog is accurately characterized by “look what I found!”

I began to fully focus on creative writing upon joining the Stockholm Writers Group (SWG) in 2007 at age 70. By virtue of now having productive and supportive colleagues in the field of writing, I began to write stories and wrote two novels, both of which are still in draft form. I had attempted a novel during a period of unemployment in the early 1990s, but it has been, as have the other two, ‘in and out of the drawer’, a writer’s lament.

As I enter my 86th year I no longer have the fires of youth. Specifically, I do not lust to publish, nor will I abuse myself for not finishing any of the three unpublished novels—although I may surprise myself.

As I expanded the scope of my first weblog, I broke it into many parts and ended up with several subject-focused blogs:

Being Old

Glimpses While Living

Real Fiction

Cultivating the Corpus Callosum

Dear Grandma (A memoir and family history)

And, two others which I have decommissioned: ‘An Expatriate American in Sweden’, and one on my musical experiences in concert halls, and in listening to and reading about music.

Now, this ‘blog’ which is a repository of many of my complete and almost complete stories. I hope you may find some of them entertaining.

Go here to begin: Together Again

Please send your reactions to rpavellas@pm.me


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